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Nordic Spa

Nordic Spa or Thermotherapy

A Nordic spa or thermotherapy is simply a contrast between hot and cold. It provides a beneficial relaxation of the body, stimulates the entire organism, all the while cleaning the body.

The contrast of hot and cold allows the body to rid itself of toxins through perspiration. It is this concept, known as thermotherapy, that stimulates blood circulation and improves the cardiac rhythm through the contrasts in temperature, and allows the body to rest and relax. For optimal relaxation, repeat these steps three or four times.

The benefits of the Nordic spa are many. Hot water and its vapours opens the pores of the skin, oxygenates the body, and eliminates toxins. When we plunge into cold water, our body is enlivened, its pores close, and the cardiac rhythm improves.

Many people are resistant to the idea of soaking into the glacial water of the river, but when the body is reheated, this soaking is not at all what is expected. Many of those who hesitantly faced the challenge of this experience come back regularly in order to reap the benefits provided by the Nordic spa.

It should be noted that thermotherapy allows the reduction of rheumatism, the effects of stress, colds, and light asthma, as well as improving sleep and blood circulation.

The contrast of hot and cold may not be suitable for pregnant women or people suffering from cardiac or respiratory problems, angina, hypertension, or diabetes.

Access to the nordic spa are offered at
38,00 $.

Dressing gown, 1 towel and locker included.

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*3 month individual for 335$

*6 month individual for 500$ | couple for 750$

*12 month privileges individual pour 750$ | couple for 1100$

*dressing gown, 1 towel and locker included.

Unlimited access to nordic spa

10% of discount on the massages

Membership cards are not transferable

Use of membership cards privileges :

Unlimited access to nordic spa

15% of discount on the massages

1 invited for baths for 30$

Membership cards are not transferable

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